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//HACK.002 – “Sixth Sense”

Unlock the most powerful sense by adding a special scent to your gift; simply add (or spray) your favorite aroma or exotic flavor on the BlockFILLER // or give your product a signature scent to stand out from the pack …and //make.$$


“Probably the best way to look at how neuroscience can help us to rethink and redesign our training, is by debunking some myths and looking at some fundamental truths. Now, we won’t cover everything (let’s face it, the brain is as vast and expansive as the universe) but I do hope to shed a little light and share a couple of tips to get you started. So, let’s dive in…” 

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“And as for aesthetic experience — our experience of value in works of art — in my judgment this is just too variable, too changeable, too unfixed, too liable to be affected by what we do before, during and after an encounter with an artwork, to be the sort of thing that can be understood at the level of the brain. Consider a comparison: A lot goes on in your brain when you eat dinner, but it’s a far cry from this humble fact to the suggestion that we can find, in the brain, the secret to what makes your dinner party a success…”

+ Unbox this great-full hack here: https://n.pr/32FcaV1


“The curious question, ‘When is a brand alive?’ has been batted around by our triad for a while and was even sent out into the social media universe to the ‘marketing crowd’. Sadly, the report back is grim. Most people who have marketing, design, or creative in their title say a brand is only a brand when it reaches a certain size… ”

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Top 5 $$ Makers:

#1//There is something uniquely Sustainable here…

+ A little unboxing example video: https://bit.ly/2TtGo9c

#2//There is something really Inclusive here…

+ A little unboxing example video: https://bit.ly/2I6hVBD

#3//There is something truly Diverse here…

+ A little unboxing example video: https://bit.ly/2PCl4gB

#4//There is something quite Educational here…

+ A little unboxing example video: https://bit.ly/2Tb2zCb

#5//There is something radically Decentralized here…

+ A little unboxing example video: https://bit.ly/397JnL8



>> featuring The Purpose of Capital – by J.E.

Page 1: “We have become separated from capital and are now at its service, as opposed to it serving us, wherein our relation with capital comes to define our understanding of self, our value relative to others, our happiness and personal satisfaction, our prospects within this society, and the future prospects of our children…”

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