Re:appreciating Humanity // Block 001


Great things are usually built one block at a time, but they always start with a solid foundation.

So, why launch a paradigm shifting startup from a low-tech rust belt city?

This one is the easy question to answer.

For some reason we find ourselves living in a world that is split between two realities, the tech and the non-tech. Dataism, the Internet of Things, Singularity, and the Blockchain dominate the conversation, the imagination, and the resources of this generation.

Blue-collar, common services, manufacturing, and other non-tech sectors seem to be forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. To say the least.

In this division, what future are we building. Is it the haves and the have-nots all over again (??). We hope not.

Regardless of what the future will bring, we should not be divided. We cannot be divided. We must be united.

That is precisely why a truly forward thinking company must be built in a place that cannot leave anyone out of sight and out of mind. That is simply not just a necessity, but a responsibility, because great companies must serve the people, not just sell to the people.

Second: What does sustainability, inclusion, diversity, education, and decentralization have to do with creativity?

This question is a little bit more complicated, but let’s make it really easy.

Those of us who have had the privilege and duty to work and serve in remote world regions have had a chance to really understand what makes communities and their members truly thrive.

Simply put, when a community is fully Inclusive toward all of its Diverse members it inherently lowers its internal barriers of communication, which exponentially accelerates the growth of learning and Education. This makes that community uniquely self-Sustainable, hence ultimately independent and Decentralized. In short, we typically call that a well adjusted adult. Over time, such communities (and adults) even become uniquely wise. 

When this basic balance is met within a community, organization, company, or even family, we simply call that feeling “freedom”, which is naturally followed by a unique drive toward, you guessed it, Creativity. [Interesting]. 

On the other hand, when we don’t feel like we belong, then information isn’t shared; then we can’t make ends meet; then we become codependent; and the natural result is, you guessed it, a state of anxiety. In short, poor health and poor politics follow at large, wisdom is an endangered species, and creativity is virtually extinct. 

Next question: What does diversity, in particular, have to do with this unique balance and growth in creativity?

As innovators, we are uniquely fortunate that America’s founders were not fools. They knew well that only the communities, nations, and societies that can build and sustain a foundation of such *perpetual creativity* can stand the test of time. All others would quickly fall. They also knew that the best way to maintain constant creative flow is to not only ensure sustainability, inclusion, diversity, education, and decentralization at all levels of society, but to make sure that *new* diverse citizens with new diverse perspectives can opt-in to truly keep innovation great over time, knowing well that despots would try hard to make sure that such a uniquely diverse and creative nation breaks from the inside. It is the only way to stop a society of innovators from being great.    

So, before we can make humanity great again, we must reappreciate what makes it great in the first place. 

(to be continued)