BLOCK 014 // Unboxing Education


“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Because truly great content is driven by great perception. And great perception is driven by appreciation. So stop sharing what you know and start sharing what you appreciate. Dare to unbox your true creativity and in the process real humanity.

Welcome to the future of great-full spectrum experiences powered by and for the people. Welcome to the #THANKSBLOCK CHAIN.

But don’t listen to us. Listen to the science. Turn it into art. Let’s do it right.

Join the movement and let’s rebuild Education. One block at a time.


“Learning occurs most effectively when experts and novices work together for a common product or goal, and are therefore motivated to assist one another. ‘Providing assistance’ is the general definition of teaching; thus, joint productive activity (JPA) maximizes teaching and learning. Working together allows conversation, which teaches language, meaning, and values in the context of immediate issues…”

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“Art enhances a child’s perception of their environment, and allows them to experience uninhibited interaction with the world around them. The sheer delight and joy that a child possesses as she gleefully creates a finger-painting produces more than just a nice project. It produces a happy, self-satisfied artist…”

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“Although we now have thousands of shops, it actually started with one, just to tinker and get an idea about how it could work. From that one store, we then expanded it into 10 after three months. After we got some traction with that initial 10, we expanded to 30. Then we came up with a two-tier model wherein we had a larger community store and a smaller store. And over a couple of years, we were able to figure out a certain ratio wherein one community store could service around 50 smaller stores, so then we were able to get to 200 community stores each serving roughly an average of 50 smaller stores under them. And that model allowed our network to scale…”

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“The latin word emergere literally means ‘bring to light.’ Emergence is when something new and unpredictable arises from complex interactions. Emergence results from synergy, when different parts or agents in a system interact and produce a whole greater than the sum of parts…”

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