BLOCK 006 // Unboxing Sustainability


“True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.”

-George Washington

Because truly great content is driven by great perception. And great perception is driven by appreciation. So stop sharing what you know and start sharing what you appreciate. Dare to unbox your true creativity and in the process real humanity.

Welcome to the future of great-full spectrum experiences powered by and for the people. Welcome to the #THANKSBLOCK CHAIN.

But don’t listen to us. Listen to the science. Turn it into art. Let’s do it right.

Join the movement and let’s rebuild Sustainability. One block at a time.


“Of the many different ways to measure the impact of sustainability, one of the most universal is carbon contribution. ‘Having a low carbon footprint will not only be good for the planet, but good for us,’ says Parkin. ‘At some point, there needs to be a price on carbon in order to motivate everyone around the world to drive down carbon emissions, so we want to be ready for that, to have a competitive advantage when that day comes…'”

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“As our culture takes on more social responsibility and action, creative fields such as architecture, sculpture, and other various artforms have followed suit. Artists looking to join in on the current conversation surrounding sustainability are using their work to send a message, either by its theme or the media used to create the piece…”

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“The challenge is to build capacity in the financial sector drawing on lessons from international best practices in micro enterprises and rural finance. However, ensuring environmental sustainability is equally important as sustaining micro enterprises financially. The Sustainable Financial Markets Facility (SFMF) recognizes the importance of promoting “environmentally and socially responsible lending and investment in emerging markets, thus stimulating sustainable markets and private sectors activity…”

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“In our view, the current language around climate change and its solutions is inadequate and even counterproductive. Specifically, we question whether *sustainability*, the default name for most current efforts towards preservation of life on the planet, keeps us locked into the assumption that whatever we do, we must also sustain the system that is currently in place. Perhaps, this limits us before we even start pursuing these goals in earnest. ‘Regenerative’ — regenerative design, regenerative society, regenerative economics — appeals to us as a more ambitious and dynamic term commensurate with the type of ambitious and dynamic actions that are required for the survival of humanity now…”

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