BLOCK 002 // Unboxing Inclusion


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


Because truly great content is driven by great perception. And great perception is driven by appreciation. So stop sharing what you know and start sharing what you appreciate. Dare to unbox your true creativity and in the process real humanity.

Welcome to the future of great-full spectrum experiences powered by and for the people. Welcome to the #THANKSBLOCK CHAIN.

But don’t listen to us. Listen to the science. Turn it into art. Let’s do it right.

Join the movement and let’s rebuild Inclusion. One block at a time.


“The world is more interconnected and global than we could ever imagine. From a meat processing plant manager in Kansas working with Somali and Salvadoran factory workers to a high-flying executive leading a cross-cultural team in Hong Kong, London, and Seattle: global is the new local. Furthermore, technological advances allow for teams to work virtually in a seemingly borderless world. Subsequently, it behooves all of us from the individual to the corporate entity to recognize the immense value of creating a globally minded inclusive workforce. The facts are in; data analytics, studies, and reports verify that organizations and businesses that are diverse are more successful, profitable, innovative, and resilient…” 

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“Indigenous art does not rest easily in the category of American art, that is, art of the United States. First Nations predate the country’s conception. They transgress its borders and assert sovereignty over the land that lies within them. Nonetheless, recognizing that many peoples make claims to the territory that now comprises the US, art institutions have intensified their efforts to incorporate Indigenous work into their exhibitions and collections of American art. They have sought to expand the geographic and cultural scope of ‘American art’ on the one hand and, on the other, to rethink and disrupt the nationalist narratives associated with it by decolonizing their display practices—two complementary but not interchangeable approaches…”

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“Entrepreneurs have always been heroes in the business world. But, while the world routinely extols people like Richard Branson and Bill Gates, there is a much larger world of entrepreneurship to be found in emerging markets. Rajesh Chandy and Om Narasimhan explain how micro-entrepreneurs may be a major factor in the return of a robust global economy…”

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“The tendency to categorize, accompanied by the need to put people into their box, drives much of what goes on in our minds and then ultimately in management practice. Categories of people and their activity is an artificial, unvalidated idea — a distraction from inclusion, understanding, and diversity in most cases. There is a much better way to understand each human being and how they are an integral aspect of a community. In my decades of design and practice, I’ve partnered with businesses to achieve extraordinary results in this way, and I’ll be giving you tools to do the same…”

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