BLOCK 005 // Unboxing Decentralization


“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Because truly great content is driven by great perception. And great perception is driven by appreciation. So stop sharing what you know and start sharing what you appreciate. Dare to unbox your true creativity and in the process real humanity.

Welcome to the future of great-full spectrum experiences powered by and for the people. Welcome to the #THANKSBLOCK CHAIN.

But don’t listen to us. Listen to the science. Turn it into art. Let’s do it right.

Join the movement and let’s rebuild Education. One block at a time.


“Decentralization doesn’t describe just one type of distribution, however. Though the general concept is often the same, the ways that different blockchains go about encouraging decentralization are diverse and ultimately impact the efficacy of their unique solutions. Blockchain’s purpose is to decentralize what was once centralized, but the ways to accomplish this feat remains a point of contention between blockchain enthusiasts…”

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“The harder part of being an art lover is finding ways to support artists in your local community. Depending on your level of interest in owning artwork for your own private collection you may not be aware of the ways you can support your local art community. Sometimes it can feel like buying a painting is the only way and that’s not always something everyone feels is accessible to them. The truth is there is a myriad of ways you can support your local community’s artists. Owning their work is definitely one way to help support the artists near you but it’s not the only way. Supporting your local artists doesn’t have to be inaccessible even if you don’t own a private collection yet. It’s also something that’s really important to your local community as a whole…”

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“A microenterprise is defined by Wikipedia as a ‘…type of small business, often registered, having five or fewer employees and requiring seed capital of not more than $35,000.’ This type of microbusiness is common in the developing world, less so in developed countries like the US. But ‘micro-entrepreneurship’ is on the rise in the US, especially with the help of technology-focused companies that are creating platforms that enable the ‘micro-entrepreneur’ to sell products and services directly to consumers…”

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“The good news is that billions of people got access to amazing technologies, many of which were free to use. The bad news is that it became much harder for startups, creators, and other groups to grow their internet presence without worrying about centralized platforms changing the rules on them, taking away their audiences and profits. This in turn stifled innovation, making the internet less interesting and dynamic. Centralization has also created broader societal tensions, which we see in the debates over subjects like fake news, state sponsored bots, ‘no platforming’ of users, EU privacy laws, and algorithmic biases. These debates will only intensify in the coming years…”

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