RE:POWERED //by.Lufti


Meet Lufti and find out how his unique crafts re:power his local economy.

Driven by Sustainability: He sources his components from scrap wood and sticks found in the outskirts of his local public market. Because when others leave behind unneeded things, he knows how to craft new ideas while rethinking sustainability.

Committed to Inclusion: He sources his tools and bindings from merchants in his regions. Because everything necessary to make his art possible is found within his community.

Built on Diversity: He models his patterns and style after traditional methods of making tools passed down from his forefathers. Because by continuing to pass down traditional methods he can help preserve cultural diversity for generations to come.

Passionate about Education: He shares cultural knowledge with his audience through his craft and insight. Because while some people learn only in school, he knows that the best learning takes place through community engagement and cultural exchange.

Empowered through Decentralization: He helps grow micro-entrepreneurship in order to drive local economic revitalization. Because micro-entrepreneurs uniquely repurpose, re-engage, redefine, reappreciate, and repower their communities while creating new local jobs for everyone involved.

In a world that’s increasingly becoming more and more Artificial, real handcrafters like Lufti are heroes in disguise.

So, join the movement, help create local jobs, and always #KeepItReal.

Because micro-entrepreneurs are real superheroes. Period.

They simply make us stronger.

Meet Lufti and help us build a more Sustainable, Inclusive, Diverse, Educational, and Decentralized future. A future that’s not just one dimensional, but uniquely #5SIDED.

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