RE:POWERED //by.Kanya


Meet Kanya and find out how her unique crafts re:power her local economy.

Driven by Sustainability: She sources her materials and fabrics from leftover stock gifted by her local community. Because what others don’t need anymore can be repurposed and reused in more ways than one to help redefine sustainability in a fundamental way.

Committed to Inclusion: She sources her patterns and threads from other makers and entrepreneurs in her community. Because local ideas and styles are what makes her crafts uniquely special.

Built on Diversity: She sources her design motifs from indigenous art preserved within her ethnic culture. Because handcrafts are one of the best ways to preserve world heritage and traditional culture, while celebrating the diversity of us all.

Passionate about Education: She cleverly tells timeless stories through the patterns and figures within her handcrafts. Because by educating her audience as she leverages art to drive communication, she makes it easy and fun to experience the insight and wisdom of others.

Empowered through Decentralization: She helps grow micro-entrepreneurship in order to drive local economic revitalization. Because micro-entrepreneurs uniquely repurpose, re-engage, redefine, reappreciate, and repower their communities while creating new local jobs for everyone involved.

In a world that’s increasingly becoming more and more Artificial, real handcrafters like Kanya are heroes in disguise.

So, join the movement, help create local jobs, and always #KeepItReal.

Because micro-entrepreneurs are real superheroes. Period.

They simply make us stronger.

Meet Kanya and help us build a more Sustainable, Inclusive, Diverse, Educational, and Decentralized future. A future that’s not just one dimensional, but uniquely #5SIDED.

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