RE:POWERED //by.Ebele


    Meet Ebele and find out how her unique crafts re:power her local economy.

    Driven by Sustainability: She sources her raw inputs from suppliers that prioritize environmentally responsible practices. Because where sourcing options abound, she always prefers to get her materials from businesses that care about sustainability and natural ecology.

    Committed to Inclusion: She sources paints and dyes from local family owned shops. Because her unique ceramic creations are a part of her local heritage and no one in her community is left behind.

    Built on Diversity: She sources her styles and designs from traditional Turkish motifs. Because in making her craft she preserves the lineage of her region and heritage through a uniquely diverse mix of tradition and art.

    Passionate about Education: She always takes into account the knowledge that can be shared through her creations and crafts. Because making everyday tools and pottery that show her customers something about her cultural past is not only worthwhile, but very important in her eyes.

    Empowered through Decentralization: She helps grow micro-entrepreneurship in order to drive local economic revitalization. Because micro-entrepreneurs uniquely repurpose, re-engage, redefine, reappreciate, and repower their communities while creating new local jobs for everyone involved.

    In a world that’s increasingly becoming more and more Artificial, real handcrafters like Ebele are heroes in disguise.

    So, join the movement, help create local jobs, and always #KeepItReal.

    Because micro-entrepreneurs are real superheroes. Period.

    They simply make us stronger.

    Find out how Ebele 2x her Profits, 5x her Reach, and 10x her Sustainability to re:power her community, by:

    + Easily turning her crafts into *gift kits* that add value and utility to her every creation, increasing her profits.

    + Automatically reaching a broader audience when her craft is shared as a gift, while helping build her brand.

    + Helping people repackage, reshare, and repeat on the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN, to empower sustainability.

    Ebele makes simple math fun again: $5 craft + THANKSBLOCK = $20+ custom gift kit, helping her //make.$$ 

    Help Ebele build a more Sustainable, Inclusive, Diverse, Educational, and Decentralized future. A future that’s not just one dimensional, but uniquely #5SIDED. 

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