RE:POWERED //by.Dora


Meet Dora and find out how her unique crafts re:power her local economy.

Driven by Sustainability: She sources her materials from old garments in her closet. Because where everyday utility is no longer needed, she can always create something totally new, while reducing impact on the environment by reusing what she already has.

Committed to Inclusion: She sources her accessories from local handcrafters. Because her collaboration with her local community makes it economically beneficial for all.

Built on Diversity: She sources her patterns and color themes from ethnic folklore. Because appreciating her roots inspires her community to appreciate theirs, and vice versa.

Passionate about Education: She shares the insight behind her ethnic wisdom to inspire youth in the community. Because by showing others what makes them unique, inspires them to share that uniqueness with those around them.

Empowered through Decentralization: She helps grow micro-entrepreneurship in order to drive local economic revitalization. Because micro-entrepreneurs uniquely repurpose, re-engage, redefine, reappreciate, and repower their communities while creating new local jobs for everyone involved.

In a world that’s increasingly becoming more and more Artificial, real handcrafters like Dora are heroes in disguise.

So, join the movement, help create local jobs, and always #KeepItReal.

Because micro-entrepreneurs are real superheroes. Period.

They simply make us stronger.

Meet Dora and help us build a more Sustainable, Inclusive, Diverse, Educational, and Decentralized future. A future that’s not just one dimensional, but uniquely #5SIDED.

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